Why use TMJAM?

The TMJAM founders David and Hemma are former New Zealand intellectual property lawyers. During our time in practice, we saw the need to make filing trade marks accessible and affordable to start-ups and smaller businesses. We observed a gap in the market for a user-centric system for applicants to file trade marks themselves, and in real time. TMJAM cuts out the middle man.

As former lawyers, we consider traditional legal pricing structures to be outdated and unnecessary. We provide value where needed, and it’s important to us that we don’t base pricing on time, on tasks spent fiddling with paper files, scratching our heads, and taking phone calls.

When you’re ready to file a trade mark application, you can opt to file via our system yourself, consult us for a tailored filing strategy, and/or engage us to file on your behalf. 

We provide free preliminary recommendations which we tailor to your needs, and we take your overall branding strategy into consideration. We work with different budgets, and will communicate to you your priorities if you can’t trade mark it all.

Get in touch to chat about your trade marks. They’re our JAM. 

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